“Welcome to Hereafter” kind of, sort of started in 2002, as a one-panel comic strip for my college newspaper called “Fun With Blasphemy,” which featured Jesus Christ’s return to Earth and attempts to fit back in to modern culture. It wasn’t especially long before it was banned from print (though to be fair, it wasn’t very good). One could say from this that the message was sent: people didn’t have a sense of humour about religion. The message was not received.

A few years later, in 2004/2005, I fleshed things out and came up with a pitch for an animated television series called “Hereafter,” now focusing on God, the founder and CEO of Christ Inc., a company that traded in souls instead of shares, his son Jesus, and a large cast of other characters from the world’s religions and myths, all living in a city called Hereafter. I got a chance to pitch it around a bit to television producers during a class trip to Toronto, and though people seemed to respond very well to it, I didn’t get any bites. One producer told me it was a good and funny idea, but it would be a hard sell. Message sent again. Message, again, not received.

A few years later (again), clearly unable to just let it go, I decided to dust it off once more and started developing it as a comic strip for the Internet, this time fueled by sheer stubbornness. In January 2009, I started sporadically publishing comics to my LiveJournal account, linking them around as much as I knew how. They were and are pretty rough, but I’m using them as a learning experience, and they will improve as I go on.

In 2010, finally, I created an honest-to-gods website, with the plan to repost the series to this point, then continue it on an ongoing basis. Pray for me.

TL;DR Version: It’s a comic about what happens after God loses his job.

Contact: welcometohereafter [at] gmail.com