Lordon R. God
AKA: Lord, God, Creator, The Big Cheese
Pantheon: Judeo-Christian
First Appearance: #1 – Long Time No See
Lordon R. God (“Lordon” rhymes with “Gordon”) is the founder and long-serving CEO of Christ Inc., and (if you ask him!) creator of all life in the universe. However, after a corporate takeover he’s been ousted from his former position and is attempting to adjust to retirement. It’s a work in progress.

Jesus Christ
AKA: Yeshua Percival Ben Yosef
Pantheon: Judeo-Christian
First Appearance: #8 – Rude Awakenings
Lordon’s son and the Messiah of Earth-999. Since his traumatic years on Earth, Jesus became a bit of a shut-in. But now that Lordon has kicked him out of his house, he’s taken his first steps back into the outside world, first working as a barista and cohabiting with Athena, and most recently taking his father’s old position as CEO of Christ Inc. (thanks to a trick from Lucifer).

AKA: Athene
Pantheon: Greek
First Appearance: #7 – Could Be Worse (cameo)
The Greek Goddess of wisdom and war. When the peacetime began, Athena opted for a simple life, running the Hall of Records by day while obsessing over her favourite MMORPG by night. Since the Demon Invasion, she’s chosen to reclaim her calling as a hero. Her warrior’s instincts are constantly tested in her relationship with the pacifistic Jesus.

AKA: Donar
Pantheon: Norse
First Appearance: #14 – Uninvited
The god of thunder (or at least the most famous one). Brash, brave and proud, Thor is quick to throw the first punch – or swing the hammer! After countless battles, near-apocalypses, and struggles with family, Thor now basks in his heroic celebrity and is enjoying happiness with his new husband, Hermes.

AKA: The Morning Star
Pantheon: Judeo-Christian
First Appearance: #11 – The Interview
Lucifer was an up-and-coming young professional at Christ, Inc. until his sneaky ambitions led to his firing by Lordon. Embittered by this experience, Lucifer now acts as the landlord of Hell Apartments while devoting his eternal life to getting revenge on his former boss… recently with some success.

AKA: Sarasvati
Pantheon: Hindu
First Appearance: #11 – The Interview
Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of of knowledge, music, arts and science. Having split from Brahma after the days of myth, Saraswati now relentlessly pursues the path of knowledge and truth as the top investigative journalist for the Hereafter Herald.

Pantheon: Greek
First Appearance: #14 – Uninvited
Former messenger to the gods, Hermes is as quick-minded as he is quick on his feet. His ingenuity and generosity helped bring Hereafter into the modern era of communication. Though easy-going and kind as a rule, Hermes’ fiercely loyal and protective nature makes him a dangerous opponent when the need arises. Recently married to Thor.

AKA: God’s Best Friend
First Appearance: #102 – Surprise
Rescue dog given as a gift to Lordon on his birthday. Intelligent, friendly, and infinitely reckless. He’s a good boy.