You may notice I’ve given the site a bit of a facelift! Nothing major – just some new link buttons to the left and an update to the header (which may look a little sloppy right now – I’ll be adjusting that again soon). I’ve added a PayPal donation link to the left as well. I want to make it clear I’m in no way asking for money – it’s just an option if anyone feels so inclined, and any donations will go straight toward art supplies for making more comics.

The next phase will be adding more site content. (Like, oh, maybe adding that cast page.)

I also drew some new character art for Lordon this weekend, since the previous drawing looks nothing like him anymore. His look’s evolved a bit since a year ago:

From the start, I approached this comic as a “learn by doing” exercise, and looking back to the comics posted a year ago, I think it’s improved. And if all goes according to plan, I’ll be saying the same thing again this time next year.

Thanks for the support! 🙂