This is comic #100. Well.

You may notice some little buttons at the bottom left of the page (under the tags). I’ve signed up with a few comic listing sites, so if you have a minute, please give me a quick vote/rating. Thanks! 😀

Also! Every comic update until I run out, I’m posting an early, lousy Jesus comic of mine up as an incentive for TopWebComics votes! These were done in 2002/2003 as a sort of proto-“Hereafter”, and are a fun/embarrassing look back at this comic’s humble origins. So check that out maybe!?

UPDATE: Just a quick note that due to a busier than expected schedule this week, it doesn’t look like comic #101 will be finished in time for Thursday. Sorry about that – but as much as I hate missing a deadline, I hate putting out something rushed even more.
New comics will resume Monday! Thanks for reading! 😀