Here’s a comic! I don’t know if I like it, but here it is!

When I started the comic, I saw Noah’s Bar being like Lordon’s Cheers, or Moe’s Tavern – a regular hangout he’d go to pretty often. Instead, this is the first time he’s been there since comic #7. And this is #120. Sooo.

Other Things:

The comic has been added to Just the First Frame, a great site that showcases the first panel from various webcomics as they update. Give the site a look – you may find a bunch of new favourites. 🙂

I’ve signed up with Tumblr, where I’ll be linking all further comic updates as well. Just another way to follow/share the comic if you’re interested!

You may notice some little buttons at the bottom left of the page (under the tags). I’ve signed up with a few comic listing sites, so if you have a minute, please give me a quick vote/rating. Thanks! 😀