OCT 28 UPDATE: Sorry about the lack of an update today. I had a busy weekend and some friends were in from out of town, so instead of rushing something out I’m sure I’d hate, I decided to take Sunday “off”. The next new comic will be posted on Thursday. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’ll check back then!

You may notice a few more links under the header – I’ve added a page for credits (for font licenses and a list of the comics I’ve had some help with) as well as a page to link some press the comic has received.

On that last note, if you missed my radio interview for Voyage North and wanted to give that a listen, they’ve posted the full audio right here on their website. Thanks again to Cathy Alex for having me on!

Thanks for the support, gang! Have a fun Halloween weekend, and check back next week for more comics! 🙂