UPDATE: Y’know that thing where computers work? Mine decided to… stop doing that. I spent most of Sunday trying to fix it (with some much-appreciated help from some friends of mine) but so far to no avail. And without it, I can’t edit/finish and update new comics. :\

So that’s where things stand for now. I’m going to keep trying to fix the problem, and if it’s not a problem that can be fixed, I’ll have to buy a new computer as soon as I can. Either way, I hope I’m back on my (digital) feet as soon as possible, but the comic is essentially on hiatus until that’s figured out. Thanks in advance for your patience – I’ll post another update here as soon as I can.

Extra Credit: Some backstory for this comic (and the one preceding it) can be found in the Norse myth “The Lay of Thrym”.

Thanks for checking in, gang! We’re gonna leave Thor in peril for a few days, I’m afraid, so be sure to check back Monday to see what happens next.

Two years ago today, “Welcome to Hereafter” officially launched with its first update on this website. I’d make a bigger deal out of it, but I don’t want to interrupt the story in progress, so here’s a little something to mark the occasion:

Thank you so much for all the support, everyone! Getting feedback and comments from so many of you has been fantastic, and knowing that people are reading and enjoying the comic is what keeps driving me to make more. Hopefully everyone digs where things go from here. 🙂