Well, clearly there’s no comic today. This weekend I took a look around my cluttered shambles of a studio and decided it was time to get things in order, so that’s what I decided to do with the past few days. I started by stripping down my old ready-to-collapse bookcase, which I finally replaced with a better, bigger, sturdier one. I figured I’d post some before-and-after pictures of that process, the piles of books on the right — including a few I’ve been borrowing from friends for way too long — and the finished and reorganized newness on the left, in case anyone was interested in seeing my setup! (Probably not, but hey whatever!)

(Though if you are, I also posted the other side of the room after it was first set up back in March.)

Not totally done yet, but I’m already feeling better in my space. Motivation! Yes! New comic on Monday! 😀