Hey gang! Not a new comic, but it’s a big update: I am now a married man!! The ceremony was on Saturday afternoon and it went perfectly. VERY perfectly. The weather forecast called for non-stop thunderstorms, and instead the clouds blew away in the nick of time and it stayed sunny and warm all day long. Maybe I have Lordon on my side after all…?

And something else! CAPS (the Comic Art Professional Society) has listed an Usagi Yojimbo sketch that I contributed to the Stan & Sharon Sakai Benefit Auction. Stan Sakai is one of my all-time favourite comics creators, and his wife Sharon is going through treatment for a very serious illness. If you want to support a great cause to help a true comics legend’s family cover expensive medical bills, and own a piece of original art by yours truly, please bid!!

New comics will resume on Monday, July 14th! Thanks for your patience! 🙂