No comic today, but another movie poster parody idea struck me yesterday morning and I was able to get this done quickly. Hope you like it!

But I also have a little something else to announce: I’ve started a Patreon! For those who might not know, Patreon is a site that lets readers/fans support their favourite creators and gives the creators a chance to give something extra back in return. It’s totally optional — the comic is free and will remain free! — but if anyone wants to chip in a bit to help me make more (and better) comics, the option is there! No pressure at all, but if you’re interested, check out my Patreon page and see what extras I have to offer my patrons!

And, as always, check back Monday for a new comic! 😀

Oh, and one more thing: on the off-chance that anyone’s left a comment that hasn’t posted to the site – I’ve been inundated with spam comments lately, which my filters kinda “quarantine” unless I approve them individually. I’ll get on top of this as soon as I can!