Hey, we’re back! And Lordon and Lucifer are getting drunk! (And Lucifer clearly sobered up a bit since we left him, which… let’s just say makes sense? (Hey, it’ll be very temporary.)

Also: “Holy Ghost, that’s good” is shamelessly lifted from a comment by Kyle Lees! So he officially put words in Lordon’s mouth. You should check out his comic Ski Ninjas!

UPDATE: I know the update schedule’s been pretty… not great the past month, but I’ve had a very busy week of job-hunting (and maybe school-applying!?) on top of a sick dog (who seems to be getting better, thankfully!) and potentially being unavailable the entire upcoming weekend, so… yeah. I’m gonna do my absolute best to get a new comic up by Monday, but unfortunately one is all I can get done this week. Thanks for your patience, and we’ll be back as soon as humanly possible!