Whoops! Forgot to upload this last night. Sorry about the delay!

Part of me thinks I should wait a bit to share this… but I’ve never been great at waiting.

The first “book” of the comic, “Out of Paradise”, has never had a proper cover image. But now it does! This one right here! With a little luck, there might be a good use for it sooner than later… Stay tuned? 😀

UPDATE: Well, it’s been a strange week. For everyone. I know I have readers popping in from all over the world, so please, I hope you’re all keeping safe and keeping strong right now.

As for me, I’ve been absorbed in trying to edit/format the first “book” of the comic into an actual book, and that’s… way more time-consuming than I thought it’d be! So I’ll have to take a brief update hiatus while I get that done. New comics will resume next Monday, November 23rd. And I’ll keep you posted if there’s any interest in a print edition of Welcome to Hereafter! Because that might just be a thing soon. 🙂