Sorry for the lack of a new comic — I’m halfway done the next page and it’ll be up on Thursday. But for an update today, here are my big new things!

First off… the print copies of the first book collection. They turned out beautifully. Huge shout-out to the great folks at Design and Logic for the printing/assembly and being so great to deal with. I know I’ve been making these comics for nearly six years, but holding your work in book form is an amazing experience and I’m still kind of processing it, to be honest!

Secondly, I was thankful to be a vendor at the Christmas Bizarre Bazaar in my hometown of Thunder Bay on Saturday, amongst many fantastically talented local artists. It was a fantastic time! My good friend Merk planned and ran the show, and it went amazingly well. You can see my booth area in the second photo — and it’s been quite an evolution since I really started doing local shows/conventions this year. Starting with some mini-booklets and a few prints, and now with a full display of books, #1 God mugs, t-shirts, and more. I’m hoping I can keep pursuing this and expanding, and really hoping I can travel to other conventions at some point, too. Future goals!!

I had a limited number of books available for the show and I’m glad to say that they all sold out! More are coming very shortly, and I will have a storefront made up for the website as soon as possible to take orders! In the meantime, anyone in the Thunder Bay area can email me if you’re interested and I’ll be happy to deliver a copy as soon as I have more.

(It was also my birthday on Saturday, so I took a little time off there.)

SO YEAH! New comic on Thursday! As always, thanks for the support, everybody! 😀

12/17 UPDATE: Today’s comic is fully written and drawn, but thanks to an OS update on my computer my scanner completely refuses to connect for… some reason. I can’t seem to figure it out, so unfortunately my hands are tied for now. And I suddenly realize why so many comic artists work purely digital these days… 😛