So, as you may have noticed, this isn’t a Welcome to Hereafter comic. I had a really busy week and the comic-making time is what suffered for it. However, my friend Kyle Lees and I did collaborate on this strip for Jess and the fine folks at ThunderCon (Thunder Bay’s amazing comic/pop culture convention that is returning this October 22nd and 23rd) as a promo piece, so I’m going to share that instead!

I don’t think either of us have done a ton of collaboration like this, but here’s how the process went down: we met up to work out the idea and some script/dialogue ideas, we talked out the panels as I doodled a rough mockup, Kyle got to work drawing digitally while I drew my parts traditionally and scanned/sent them over, and then he worked his magic and put everything together, lettered it and coloured it. He did the heavy lifting, but he very kindly let me post it here, because he’s just a damn good dude, that Kyle.

So yeah! New Hereafter comic will be up next Monday! In the meantime, you should check out Kyle Lees on Facebook and Twitter, and definitely check out ThunderCon (and you should absolutely attend in October if you can, it was a great show last year), and hey, Kyle and I also co-host Zero Issues Comic Podcast with our friend and fellow comic artist Merk, so you can check that out too! This Wednesday we’re talking all about Captain America: Civil War! It’s gonna be a good one.