I should probably apologize for that title. But I won’t.

So whoa, today marks the 6th anniversary, to the day, of the comic officially launching! I should have done something special for this, but I’ve been pretty busy lately! But at least I managed to update! Ha ha ha ha hoo boy.

If you’re in Thunder Bay (or nearby), I’ll be at the following art/craft shows selling books and mugs and prints and shirts! On Sunday December 4th I’ll be at Craftlandia at the Finlandia, and on Saturday December 10th I’ll be at Christmas Bizarre Bazaar 3: the Return of Metal Santa! Come say hi! 😀

UPDATE: Sorry to do this again, but it’s been super busy for me the past few weeks and I didn’t have time to get a comic done this week. The next update will be Tuesday, December 13th! Tuesday, December 20th, because gosh darn has it been a busy month! Thanks for your patience! 🙂