Hey, I think we’re all on board with this, right?

I was really hoping to wrap up “Christ Incorporated” by the end of 2016, but life threw some hurdles at me this year, and my output hasn’t been as high as I’d hoped it’d be. This past month in particular. Sorry for that — I really, really hate missing deadlines, but I honestly haven’t had much choice lately.

2016 has been a nightmare garbage fire, but it’s almost over. And on Tuesday, January 3rd, the comic will resume! We’re in the final stretch of Book Three, and things will come to a head sooner than later. By summer 2017, the next chapter will kick off, and I’m really hopeful for what lies ahead. It’s gonna be more ambitious, but I think also more true to the series in a lot of ways… I can’t say any more, but I’ve got a lot of big plans. And I hope you’ll be there to see how it develops!

As always, thanks so much for all your support. It means a ton. Have a happy holiday, and I’ll see you in 2017! 😀