UPDATE: Aaaaauuugh.

So: Unfortunately, once again I’ll have to delay the next update. My work schedule has been especially hectic for the past couple of weeks, I was very sick just before that, and I honestly just need a “personal day” to avoid burning out. The next page will be up February 28th, and the “Christ Incorporated” book should wrap up sometime in May if all goes as planned. At that point I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus to actually work ahead (for a change) on the next book, and I’m hoping that I can avoid the weekly deadline crunch for a while and recharge my energies a bit in the process.

I still love making the comic, and I’m still excited for what’s coming next, but I feel like I’m dropping more plates than I’m spinning these days. For too long now getting every page done has been a mad, exhausted rush the night before, and that kind of schedule is negatively impacting both the comic and my life. I’m planning on making a change there, and I’m hoping both will improve because of it. In the meantime, thanks so much for sticking with me, and I hope it’ll all be worth the wait!