I was very insistent that I hit my old Monday-Thursday deadlines after being on wedding hiatus for a month, and somehow (SOMEHOW) I got it done. Good thing sleep is optional!

Also, something potentially of interest:

Here’s a picture of me smugly posing with a handful of a (very) limited run of 44-page mini-collections I’ve had made up! If you’re in the Thunder Bay area and want a copy, I’ll be selling them at Fan Con this Saturday morning/early afternoon. My friend Merk has a table for his graphic novel Nowadays, and he’s very kindly let me hang out/help out and peddle my wares — so clearly I needed to make some wares! We’ll also be there with Kyle Lees, who makes the hilarious webcomic Ski Ninjas, and the three of us also make Zero Issues Comic Podcast together. (We’re like a team of massive nerds, basically.) If you’re gonna be there, please come say hi!!

Any copies of the mini-collection I have left I will be glad to sell online and ship wherever, if anyone’s interested. Let me know if you are! 🙂