Hey gang! Sorry for not having a new comic today, but a really great opportunity came up this weekend – my friend and fellow comic creator Merk invited me to join him at his table at Fan Con here in our hometown of Thunder Bay to sell/promote the comic. I didn’t actually have anything in print, so I decided to (very quickly) put together some 44-page mini collections and give it a shot. It’s the first time I’ve attended a convention with something to sell/promote, and it was a pretty great time! I think I learned quite a bit, and I’m hoping to do this sort of thing again.

Merk was selling two of his graphic novels, t-shirts, posters, and more (all of which are for sale on his website, by the way). And Kyle Lees also joined us to sell some Ski Ninjas booklets, shirts, and stickers. They… came more prepared than I did.

I have some extra mini-collections left, so here’s a question… Would anyone be interested in having Welcome to Hereafter in print form?

The next new comic will be up on Thursday!