(I told myself I wouldn’t actually call this page “Revenge of the Fallen”. But here we are.)

So! This is the end of the third book, Christ Incorporated. Personally, this arc was made over a period of unexpected change, and frustration, and eventually an ongoing effort to re-balance myself. And all of that had a big impact on how it turned out. I’m still not sure how I feel about all that, but I knew the story had to have a strong ending, and I hope that’s what we’ve got here!

After this, I’ll taking a bit of a hiatus from weekly comic updates. Call it summer vacation. Over the next few months I’ll be working ahead on the next book without strict deadlines, and hopefully taking a looser approach and giving myself a bit more time to rest will give me a much-needed recharge. I also want to fix up the website a bit, give the header a redesign, and maybe adjust the spam filter (I know some comments have been caught up in that, so sorry if yours was one of them!). And there’ll still be some semi-regular updates here and on the Facebook page, so don’t lose those bookmarks!

As for what’s next… well…

More on that very soon.

Thanks as always for the support! I’m very excited for what’s next, and I hope you are too! 🙂