So hey.

I’ve wiped my hard drive and reinstalled OSX about five separate times, using different versions, and I’m still having some serious computer issues that are preventing me from scanning, lettering and posting comics. At this point it’s looking like a hardware issue, and my computer’s old enough that I’m not sure if repairs will be worth it. Until I can buy a new computer, or if I manage to get my old one working all right, I’m forced to put the comic on hiatus. (Not exactly happy about the expense, but my hands are kind of tied!)

I don’t intend for this to last long – I’ll be buying a new computer as soon as humanly possible, but the one I want (the new iMac) is really hard to get a hold of right now, and I’m holding out hope that I can get one in town rather than having to wait two weeks if I order it online.

I want to say thanks to my best pal Cindy and my superhero webhost Jason for all their help over the past week, my girlfriend Sheri for putting up with me as I’m stressed right out over not being able to update, my parents (whose computer I’m using to post this!), and of course, thanks to everyone reading this for your support and patience. I’ll be back as soon as possible! I’ll also try to post updates on the Facebook page – so keep your eyes peeled there if you’re interested.

Back soon! (I hope!)